Annual General Meeting Wed 12th June 2019

Dear Member,
Kindly note that the AACTS Annual General Meeting for the year 2018 will be held on Wednesday 12th June 2019 at the Clubhouse in Santa Venera at 19:30hrs.
We look forward to seeing more participation from our members.
As per statute, we are inviting the members to submit their nomination if they are interested in contributing towards our Association. All positions within the Association’s Executive Committee are open for those who wish to volunteer towards our sport. We would appreciate seeing more participation as there is a lot of work coming our way. This year our focus shall be on various matters among which are the outstanding issues on an adequate shooting range and coordination between Federations both locally and on a European level. The future of shooting sports in Malta in general is also a priority and we look forward to forging better relationships with other local federations and associations. Therefore, the more committee members are appointed, the better we can coordinate and share our work as not much can be achieved with just three or four members.  So do get involved if you love the sport, a copy of the Nomination Sheet is being attached to this email.
Nominations should be handed to the Association’s Secretary 15 days prior to the AGM, however, the statute gives the members a right to submit a nomination up to one (1) day before the AGM.
The Agenda for the day shall be as follows:
(i) Reading of the Minutes of the Previous AGM by the outgoing Secretary;
(ii) Outgoing Chairman’s address;
(iii) Financial Report and presentation of the accounts by the outgoing Treasurer followed by an invitation for discussion by members on matters relating to such report;
(iv) Administrative Report by the outgoing Secretary followed by an invitation for discussion by members on matters relating to such report;
(v) Consideration of proposed amendments, if any, to the Statute;
(vi) Consideration of proposed motions and resolutions, if any;
(vii) Election of Electoral Commission;
(viii) Appointment of an accounts officer, for the following financial year;
(ix) The resignation of the outgoing Executive Committee;
(x) Election of new Executive Committee;
(xi) Any other matters.
We look forward to seeing you on the night and we thank you for your continued support.
Kind regards,
The Executive Committee