Mission statement

Mission Statement

AACTS, the Association of Arms Collectors and Target Shooters, was founded on the 4th April 2002. The founding members had therefore decided that there was the need to set up a new association that would, along with the established organisations, work for the interests of the target shooters and collectors in the Maltese Islands.

AACTS is a NGO that was established to promote all forms of target shooting and arms collecting and also organises events for training purposes, competitions, seminars, educational programs and courses in all aspects of target shooting. The Association’s aims include the promotion of awareness on issues relating to arms ownership amongst its members and the general public both locally and at the EU level.

Its members are encouraged to promote, maintain and enhance responsible ethical standards. AACTS promotes the involvement of its members in national/international policy making and decision-making processes that may in any way affect its members.

AACTS enrols as members all applicants, regardless of race, colour or creed as long as they are of good moral standing and conduct.